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The book “EDOUARD”

The Book “Edouard”.

Elegant, timeless, sophisticated, Belgian. All adjectives that precede the term Natan. Our signature style continued to evolve, characterized by a consistent thread of elegance, timelessness, and an architectural sensibility.

However, Monsieur Natan does not perceive himself as a typical creator or designer. He prefers not to align with the world
of fleeting trends, ever-changing colours, passing fads, and the rapidly evolving click culture. Instead, he finds his place within the realm of couture, a world of opulent fabrics, shimmering satins, feathers, and bold design choices.
It’s a world where the dream of radiating like a star, even for just one day or evening, can come true. This dream was vividly realised in Paris when Natan presented his couture collection, marking a moment of glory where craftsmanship, luxury, and aesthetics converged seamlessly.