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Natan Collective

Natan has become a well-established value in the Belgian fashion landscape and has now begun a new adventure to support young Belgian talents. Through "NATAN Collective" the designer Edouard Vermeulen shares and transmits his passion and experience to the next generation of Belgian talents, by offering them a platform to display their works. Three Belgian editions have already been launched. A fourth edition is in preparation in the Netherlands.

Part I

For the first edition of NATAN Collective, Natan embarked on a creative and innovative collaboration with four up-and-coming young Belgian designers, Façon Jacmin, Valentine Witmeur, Goia Seghers and Décembre. We joined forces to create a capsule collection which was displayed and sold in our ready-to-wear store in Brussels.

Part II

For the second edition of NATAN Collective, five Belgian jewelry designers had the opportunity to display their jewelry collection in the Natan ready-to-wear store in Brussels. These artists were Espèces, Christa Reniers, Wouters & Hendrix, Joy and Axelle Delhaye. This eclectic collaboration delighted all jewelry lovers.

Part III

This time it was the turn of young Belgian photographers to be put in the spotlight. Seven talented photographers were selected by Edouard Vermeulen to create the best concept and frame with the same couture piece. The pictures were very varied, yet all interesting from an artistic viewpoint. Their work was on display for a month in the ready-to-wear store in Brussels.