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Edouard Vermeulen

The Birth Of A Creator

Edouard Vermeulen was born on 4th March 1957 in Ypres, Belgium. Even as a child he was fascinated by beautiful buildings and architecture and went on to study Interior Design at Sint-Lukas in Brussels. 

When he graduated as an interior designer, he opened a space to display his first pieces. This space was situated in the entrance of a house at 158 Avenue Louise in Brussels. The couture store Paul Natan was located in the same building at this time. After the store closed in 1983 Edouard Vemeulen seized the opportunity to rent this space.

As Paul Natan's former customers still came by regularly, Edouard Vermeulen decided to create some couture pieces. This was the start of his career as a fashion designer. He took over the house under the name of NATAN.

A year later, Mr. Vermeulen was asked to design some pieces for a charity event. The president of this charity was Queen Paola. This event was instrumental in launching his career.

Pic: Edouard Vermeulen anno 1985

Natan Old Campaign
Baron Edouard Vermeulen

Certified Purveyor to the Royal Household

For many years Mr. Vermeulen has had the honour of dressing several members of the royal family, and was therefore appointed “Certified Purveyor to the Royal Household” in 2000 by King Albert II of Belgium. In 2003, he became “Officer of the Order of Leopold II” and was given the title of "Baron″ in 2017.

35 years of Creative Direction

Thirty-five years and seven stores later Mr. Vermeulen’s vision has not changed. His ambition is still to dress women in an elegant and contemporary way. He sees the people who work for the house as members of his family. It is this devotion and passion for fashion that shaped Natan into what it is today.

Edouard Vermeulen