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Couture Process


A large collection of couture pieces is displayed in the unique setting of the boutique located in the Avenue Louise in Brussels. The wooden structures, high ceilings and antique furniture create a traditional and warm feeling reminiscent of a Grand Hotel. This is the only place where our couture collection is available, to guarantee exclusivity but also because our main Atelier I is just above the boutique. This collection is exclusively made of noble fabrics, coming mostly from France or Italy and composed mainly of natural fibres. The pieces are made in one of our two couture ateliers, both located in Brussels, Belgium. In addition to the Atelier I on the first floor of the head office, our Atelier II was recently opened on Georges Brugmann Place. In these ateliers we still use a traditional, noble process, working mainly by hand from drawing and grading the patterns through to the finishing touches. Respect is a core value at each stage of the process, not only for the materials but also for the people involved.


The collection pieces on display can be purchased and worn immediately. Each fabric, model and color is presented, based on unique pieces arranged by well-defined themes enabling all the possibilities of the current collection to be visualized as easily as possible.

These pieces also serve as basic patterns for all kinds of alterations such as shortening/lengthening or tightening/enlarging or other adjustments on the garment itself. Our couture atelier offers a wide range of alterations, exclusively on Natan couture pieces. These patterns also often lead to orders of an existing model, but in a different fabric, color or size.

A collection piece can also be the source of inspiration for a new design. An existing cut is then used to create an individual adaptation, for example making a long version of a short dress. These pieces can be ordered in a standard size such as 38, but also in an half size such as 38 /, or tailor-made.

A step further takes us into the world of the creation, where custom designs can be drawn on demand. Wedding dresses fall under this category. In this case, a new sketch and pattern is made, according to the wishes of the customer. The extent to which Natan advises on this also depends on the customer, who sometimes has something specific in mind (a picture, for example), or who sometimes prefers to rely on the expertise of the house and let creativity run free. Our seamstresses also provide guidance if necessary, for example when a fabric is too rigid for a certain model, but in theory, anything is possible here. The measurements for such designs are taken with great precision.


For a new design or creation, two to four fittings must be scheduled, depending on the complexity of the model. During the first fitting, at least 15 measurements are taken from head to toe by none other than the head of our atelier, Mrs. Charlotte Kambeya or her right hand, Mrs. Maria D'Alessandro.

Choosing the fabric is also an unusual experience. We work with samples in the form of small pieces of fabric and sample cards from the current collection. In addition to these exclusive seasonal fabrics, we also often use our permanent fabric collection composed of high-quality basic fabrics. Other sample cards may also be ordered on request, should the presented range not be sufficient. Depending on the morphology and the fabric, the design is immediately cut into the final fabric or in bale cotton. In the latter case, a sample is made and is only cut out in the chosen material after the first fitting.

Except for existing collection items, prices are on demand. The price of a Natan couture piece varies depending on the complexity of the model, the exclusivity of the fabric and the process behind the creation of the piece. The delivery date is also determined by the complexity, but also by the schedule of our seamstresses. The average time between the choice of the design and the finalized piece is five to seven weeks, with a fitting taking place approximately every two to three weeks. For a wedding dress, six months will be necessary. These dates can be adapted in urgent cases.

A design is the first step of an exclusive process resulting in a piece that is refined and personalized down to the last detail, created by an ever-alert mind that has found its chosen path and means of expression.