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Couture Process


The prestigious Avenue Louise is home to the historic Maison Natan, where our latest couture creations are developed and manufactured in the Atelier I, nestled just above the Brussels boutique. Exquisite collections are exclusively available within a classical early 20th century architectural backdrop, where they are handmade by seamstresses who have been part of the House for up to thirty years. Fabrics are woven from fine natural yarns sourced predominantly in France and Italy. Just a stone's throw from the flagship House, Atelier II takes its residence at Place Brugmann, where distinct pieces are hand-crafted, from the pattern to the finishing touches. Respect is a cornerstone of our values, both in terms of the materials we use, and the people involved. The result? Timeless and sophisticated modernity.


Each piece can be custom-made on demand, using the available fabrics, cuts, and colours, either in a standard size, half size, or tailored. Maison Natan’s atelier's are renowned for their meticulous alterations and their flair for adapting the collection to your desires. For when a dress would be perfect were it just a tad longer, or a coat would make your dreams come true if only it were oversized instead of witted, any piece from the collection can serve as a source of inspiration for a new take on an existing model.

Avenue Louise's saloon is dedicated to creating perfect unique pieces for your most special of occasions. We work alongside each client throughout the design process of their dream wedding dress. Expertly guided by our seamstresses, each client can pick out the best cut and fabric perfectly suited to her shape. Utmost precision is guaranteed when taking your measurements, offering an exquisite fit.


To bring your unique design to life, or to perfect an existing model, the House recommends two to four fitting sessions, depending on your wishes and the complexity of the design. During the first appointment, one of our seamstresses will list about fifteen precise measurements, ensuring that this new piece is absolutely personalized.

You will also take part in the selection of fabrics perfectly adapted to your design. Clients can browse a selection of samples and collection cards from a range of exclusive seasonal fabrics, not forgetting our highest quality permanent collection. Extra sample cards can be ordered on request. An initial version of your creation will then be shaped in an intermediate calico, for a prototype fitting. Only then will your final piece come to life in the chosen fabric.

Except for existing collection items, unique garments are subject to an individual price quotation. The price of a Natan couture piece varies depending on the complexity of the model, the exclusivity of the fabric, and the creative process. The turnaround time for completion shall be set out with the client according to the atelier's schedule. The average time between the choice of the design and the finalised piece is five to seven weeks, with fittings approximately every two to three weeks, with wedding gowns requiring six months. These times can be shortened in urgent cases.

The House's creations personify the wide spectrum of contemporary lifestyle with an alluring array of colour and understated designs, embracing intricate femininity with unyielding sophistication. A design is the first step of an exclusive process resulting in a piece that is refined and personalized down to the last detail, created by an ever-alert mind that has found its chosen path and means of expression.  

Enjoy the documentary "The Dress", about the making of a couture dress in our ateliers.