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The Artist Studio

Natan created the Artist Studio to reflect the importance of supporting Belgian talents. First of all because they inspire us and offer us new perspectives, each in their own way. In addition, they perfectly reflect Natan's values of passion, creativity and know-how. These Belgian artists are invited to expose unique art pieces on the first floor of our ready-to-wear store, rue de Namur in Brussels. Each piece of work on display is made specially for the occasion.


This time we had the pleasure of introducing the world-renowned artist Jurgen Ots. His work is displayed in prestigious collections such as the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, the Rotschield Collection in Paris and the Marina Fossati Collection.

Ots used old-fashioned projector screens found in second-hand stores to create his ‘Periaqueductal Gray’ series. He cut these screens into strips and glued them on a wooden base. He mixed screens from different periods and origins, creating an atmosphere transporting us beyond time and borders. This unusual material refers to an age when we were not yet aware how important screens would become in our lives. In this way the artist aims to bring people together in front of screens, but this time transformed into works of art.

This unusual piece was created in three weeks in the artist studio on the first floor of our shop. After the exhibition the piece was bought by Natan to be included in the permanent collection.

Denis Meyers x NATAN

The very first edition of the artist studio was a collaboration between Natan and graffiti artist Denis Meyers. This remake of the iconic Natan bag was sold for 3.000 € in our Knokke ready-to-wear store. The profits went to the "Laly Foundation", a charitable organisation that supports children suffering from head traumas.

Dennis Meyers X NATAN

Piatti x NATAN

Pablo Piatti is known for his bespoke mural paintings and for designing fabrics. His paintings come from a complex and poetic world filled with love for music and literature. Most of all, they are the result of keen observation and passionate attention to nature. We invited him to paint some handmade couture pieces for a new oriental capsule collection.

Furthermore, the walls of our Brussels couture boutique and Antwerp ready-to-wear store have been embellished with his elegant flower and leaf drawings.

Piatti X NATAN